When it comes to buying and selling houses, you should check out these video’s to learn more about the process which can make life a whole lot easier!  You will learn what are the first steps in buying a home,  how you can use a VA loan when buying a home and the impact your credit report has on buying a home. 

Staging Your Home 101

Education 101 - Staging Your Home - KerinRealty

Staging Your Home A lot of sellers ask us “Why is staging your home that important and Does Staging your home really work?”  Why is staging your home that important?   An agent’s job is to please their clients, and they will direct their buyers to the homes they think they will buy. Agents talk…

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Myth to Pulling Credit Report Multiple Times

Credit Pulling Myth MYTH TO PULLING CREDIT REPORTS MULTIPLE TIMES These days your credit score is everything.  Unless you pay everything in cash, your the world revolves around credit.  So when it comes time to apply for a mortgage or trying to buy a car you are always worried.  I know personally I use to…

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Hospitality Tips

Hospitality Tips Claim your Tips If you are in the Hospitality Business Where you Work for Tips, you Need to Claim your Tips when Filing for your Tax Returns.  When buying a home, claiming your tips will help you qualify for a mortgage. Lender’s look for 2 years of tip income on your tax returns,…

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Changes to Student Loan Guidelines

  Changes to Student Loan Guidelines   How Recent Lenders Calculate Student Loans When Qualifying for a Mortgage Freedom mortgage follows the minimum guidelines when it comes student loans, one important change is that Fannie Mae is allowing lenders to use income base repayment plan payment as your qualifying payment….Before, it was 1% of the…

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Estimated Mortgage on Zillow

Kerin Realty Real Education 101 Estimated Mortgage in Zillow

Zillow Why You Shouldn’t Use Zillow to Get an Estimated Mortgage There are two things you need to know about zillow. The estimated mortgage is based on 20% down (not knowing if the house requires a CDD or HOA) and based on an interest rate which is probably not going to happen. Most buyer don’t…

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VA Requirements

VA Requirements An Inspection that the VA does not cover A lot of military buyers don’t know about some of the VA requirements other than inspections and appraisals. However; if you are interested in purchasing a home with a septic or well , you the buyer, are responsible in paying for this inspection.   The VA…

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Pre-Contract Underwriting

Kerin Realty Real Estate Education 101 Pre-Contract Underwriting

IMPORTANCE OF GETTING PRE-APPROVED THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING PRE-APPROVED BEFORE LOOKING FOR HOMES The importance of getting pre-approved before you start the search to find your new home is paramount. Freedom Mortgage does what most other lenders don’t do, we do an underwriting pre-approval before you are under contract.  Before getting under contract, they send your…

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The Truth Behind Zillow

Kerin Realty Real Estate Education 101 The Truth Behind Zillow

  When getting an estimate on your house, do not get a Zestimate using Zillow. Contact the Actual Listing Agent MLS (Multiple Listing Service) are listings listed by realtors and other realty professionals that Zillow uses to get their listings.  When buying a home and you’re using Zillow, beware of fake listings!  Anybody can go…

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Credit Score 101

Kerin Realty Education 101 Credit Score Info

Learn more about Credit Score 101 and what the banks are looking for.  Make sure you keep up with this topic since the credit score requirements can change which can affect your credit score as well!   How to repair my credit and improve my FICO Scores It’s important to note that repairing bad credit…

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The Truth Behind VA Loan Down Payments!

Kerin Realty Real Estate Education 101 The Truth Behind VA Loan Down Payment

Yes, it is true! There is ZERO down payment with a VA Loan!  But did you know that you may still have to pay Closing Cost, Home Inspection & Appraisal?  You don’t hear about this when you see advertisements marketing ZERO % down!  Well, this is the truth and KerinRealty & Freedom Mortgage will show…

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